Date Posted: 
Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Within the coming weeks, a committee will be identifying sidewalk panels in need of repair in our community.  The Village will schedule the repair of uneven panels in spring 2018.

If you receive a notice, there will be a paint mark on panels that are out of compliance per Village code.  A note will be placed on your front door.  The property owner is responsible for the cost of repair.

You can choose to make arrangements to repair the panel (before the end of 2017) or wait until spring when the contractor will be repairing several sidewalk panels.  With an increased volume of sidewalk panel repairs to be completed by the contractor, residents will be able to capitalize on a better cost. 

The committee will be looking for the following sidewalk panels:

  • ½ Inch or more elevation change
  • multiple cracks, deterioration.

Ord. 95.09 & 96.08 – Sidewalks-Complete Code of Ordinance located on 

If you choose to take advantage of the cost break in spring, the contractor will leave an invoice on your door at the time of repair. If the contractor does not receive payment in the allotted invoice period, the Village will correct the violation (per Ord. 153.4) by assessing the cost to the property through the Auglaize County Auditor.