New Bremen's Public Power - Moderate Rates with Maximum Service

New Bremen is one of Ohio's 85 public power communities. Public power means that our local customers - residential and businesses - own the electric company. It’s an approach that allows us to offer quality and dependable service with reasonable rates.  Our service is exceptional. Because we are locally owned and operated, if there is a problem, you know exactly who to call and where their office is located. Our system provides a reliable and consistent electrical supply. In the last two years we have only had 3 days with power outages.

The system consists of two electrical substations and loop-type circuits which provide redundancy in order to increase reliability. Electrical power is delivered to the Village at 69,000 volts by the Dayton Power and Light Company. At the two Village Substations the voltage is reduced to 12,470/7200 volts for distribution around town to individual customer transformers. The peak system load of 12,000 kW usually occurs in July or August around 2:00 PM. Total energy sold per year is about 62,000,000 kWh.

In fall of 2009 the village completed the expansion of our substation at the southwest corner of our industrial park.  The expansion doubled our service capacity.



Phone:  419-629-2325

Contact: Matt Krieg, Electric Superintendent 

New Bremen is a member of AMP Partners, a non-profit corporation organized in 1971 for the purpose of owning and operating electric facilities and provide for the generation, transmission, and distribution of electric power to its member public power communities.



Telecommunications are ready to provide great access to the information you want and need. New Bremen has telecommunication advantages of few communities its size. Thanks to the innovative efforts and capital investments of New Knoxville Telephone, our local telecom provider, our businesses have access to these services: Broadband with high-bandwidth information at amazing bi-directional speeds - wireless service is also currently available. New Knoxville Telephone is one of Ohio's premier regional partners in expanding broadband coverage throughout the state.

NKTelco | 1-888-NKTELCO (658-3526) |



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Spectrum |



The Village of New Bremen supplies water and waste water treatment to residents and businesses in our Community. 

Water Treatment Department
Phone:  419-629-3423
Contact: Greg Dennings, Water Superintendent
Current excess capacity: 300,000 GPD

Wastewater Treatment Department
City of New Bremen
Wastewater Department
Phone:  419-629-2840
Contact: Dave Goodwin, Wastewater Superintendent
Current excess capacity: 150,000 GPD