Last month, prior to the inauguration of the United States 45th President, Donald Trump, a German reporter from Bremen, Germany contacted Mayor Pape.  The reporter was seeking how American communities, with German backgrounds, were honoring the day and overall perception of a Trump presidency.

Here is the article from the phone conversation between Mayor Pape and the German public broadcaster from Radio Bremen in Bremen, Germany.  Please note, this have been translated (by Google).  To read the article in the original form, you can find it on RadioBremen.

Bremen worldwide

This is how Bremen Trumps takes office

13 places, which are called Bremen, are available in the USA. We asked the mayors whether they would look forward to the presidency of Donald Trump and what they would expect from his presidency - for themselves and for their Bremen. A mood image from rural America.

In the USA there are ten places called Bremen, and three places named New Bremen. One of them - in Texas - is however only a ghost town.

The Bremens in the USA are mostly smaller villages and small towns. Many of them are rural villages - and their population is mostly the hard core of the Republican voters. With one exception, all Bremen's in the US voted by a large majority for Trump. Correspondingly good is the mood of today's office of President Donald J. Trump.

Enthusiasm in New Bremen, Ohio

Jeffery Pape is the mayor in New Bremen, Ohio. The place has nearly 3,000 inhabitants, who voted 80% for Trump. Main employer in New Bremen is a company that manufactures forklift trucks. Mayor Jeffery Pape also works there.

Source: New Bremen, Ohio

Jeffery Pape has been Mayor of New Bremen since 2004. His ancestors come from near Hannover.

Radio Bremen: Are there any special events for the opening ceremony in New Bremen?

Jeffery Pape: I'm sure that small groups will meet to see the entrance. There is no joint event in the village.

Radio Bremen: How has the mood in New Bremen since the election?

Jeffery Pape: The mood here has been marked by anticipation since the election. Here many put their hope in Trumps presidency and were therefore very relieved after the election.

Radio Bremen: What hopes or fears do people in New Bremen associate with Trumps presidency?

Jeffery Pape: We hope for tax relief. We also hope that the economic situation and the job situation will improve. Our only fear is that Trump could not make his promises.

Radio Bremen: What changes are particularly important for New Bremen?

Jeffery Pape: We want all the energy options the US has to offer again. These include oil, natural gas, wind and solar energy. This would make us independent in the energy supply.

Radio Bremen: Is there anything that Trump promised, which would directly affect the situation in New Bremen?

Jeffery Pape: The biggest difference compared to a Clinton election victory is that the regulations for coal are not tightened. We have commitments to a very clean coal-fired power station in Illinois, which would otherwise have hindered us if the regulations had pushed energy prices up.

Source: New Bremen, Ohio

The residents of New Bremen in Ohio celebrate a Cider Festival every October. This also includes a parade and a costume contest.