Phase 1 Groundbreaking of Komminsk Legacy Park took place on Sunday, June 7th.  As stated by the tribute bestowed by the House of Representatives of the 131st General Assembly of Ohio:

"An interactive art park, Komminsk Legacy Park is a welcome addition to the community, for it will provide area citizens with a place where they can relax and enjoy a variety of recreational activities.  Located between the Lockkeeper's House and The Crown Pavilion in New Bremen, the park will offer such amenties as a splash pad, a sun-shade structure, an embankment slide, a commissioned lion sculpture, and hillside seating, and it will host such events as concerts.  Its inception is a justifiable source of pride and an excellent reflection on the (Village) of New Bremen and its residents, and we are certain that it will play a vital role in the revitalization of the area.

All those involved with the establishment of Komminsk Legacy Park, including Dianne Komminsk, are to be applauded on their exemplary efforts, for their fine work (representing) a lasting investment in the community.  In bringing this project to fruition, they have demonstrated a commendable spirit of cooperation and responsibility and have helped to perpetuate the State of Ohio's reputation as a friendly, production and pleasant place in which to live."