Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Roll call showed the following members present for the regular meeting held this date. Burnell, Meyer, Schwartz, Hoffman, Kuck and Stienecker.  Also present were Mayor Pape, Solicitor Smith, Fiscal Officer Gast, Chief of Police Harrod and Village Administrator York. 

Visitors were  Judy Baker, Bob Kramer and Ruth Brookhart representing the Scouts; Terry Dick; Susan Minch representing CDA Construction Group, Inc.; Larry Wissman, Jerry Fischbach, Dustin Weikert, Mike Skinner, Chris Pape, Robert Moeller, Tim Garman, Greg Dennings, Linda Fortkamp, Steve Bushman, Matt Krieg, Jon Moore, Kim Prueter, Elaine Lampert, Brad Pyles, Karl Lengerich, Steve Bornhorst and Dave Goodwin representing Village employees; Angie Weaver representing The Evening Leader and Margie Wuebker representing The Daily Standard.

Minutes from the May 26 meeting were approved with a motion by Hoffman, seconded by Schwartz.  All ayes.

Mayor Pape made the following announcements in his Mayor’s Report:

- Informed Council American Municipal Power of Ohio has changed their logo and name to AMP.

- Reported the flag pole at the Crown Pavilion has been installed.

- Village Administrator York updated Council on various projects within the Village.

Judy Baker, Bob Kramer and Ruth Brookhart updated Council on the recycling operation. 

Third reading RESOLUTION 2009-5-13 declaring the amount of taxes that may be raised by levy at the maximum rate authorized by law without a vote of the electors to be insufficient and declaring the necessity of a levy in excess of such rate.  This levy is a renewal for 1.25 mills for the New Bremen Emergency Squad to be on the ballot at the 2009 November election.  Terry Dick expressed to Council that there was no longer a need for the levy. Councilor Stienecker indicated all questions regarding the need for the revenue would be addressed through a series of public forums.  After some discussion about the millage, Council decided to table the third reading until updated information from the Auglaize County Auditor’s Office could be obtained.   Motion by Stienecker, seconded by Burnell.  All ayes.

Council approved the switch from Laserfiche Records Imaging to CMI DocuScan using the funds previously allotted and additional monies from the Mayor Court Computerization Fund.  All ayes.

Second reading ORDINANCE 2009-5-13 establishing a Retire / Rehire Policy for the Villageof New Bremen.  Employees from the Village attended the Council meeting to discuss the proposed legislation (see Visitors paragraph two).  Matt Krieg, spokesman for the employees, stated the Village employees did not understand the policy and wanted to form a committee with Councilors in order to have input from the employees.  Mayor Pape agreed and the committee was formed with the following members:  Matt Krieg, Doug Harrod, Greg Dennings, Tim Garman, Wayne York, Solicitor Smith, Mayor Pape, Councilor Meyer and Councilor Kuck.  The ordinance was tabled with a motion by Hoffman, seconded by Kuck.  All ayes.

Councilor Kuck was excused from the meeting at 7:30 p.m.

Village Administrator York presented the bidders for Teton Phase II Fox Street and Elk Drive Reconstruction as follows:

                   CDA Construction Group, Inc.      $399,804.18

                   Tumbusch Construction              $428,828.59

                   PAB Construction                       $426,583.33

The engineer’s estimate is $575,000.  RESOLUTION 2009-6-14 accepting all bids and awarding the bid to the lowest bidder.  The project is expected to be completed by October 30, 2009  Motion by Schwartz, seconded by Stienecker.  Five ayes.

Village Administrator York presented the bidders for the White Mountain Substation Upgrade.  RESOLUTION 2009-6-15 accepting all bids and awarding the bid to the lowest bidder Midwest Electric Control Specialists, Inc., 4601 Homer Ohio Lane, Groveport, OH 43125 in the amount of $229,429 to be paid from the Electric Fund.  Motion by Hoffman, seconded by Stienecker.  Five ayes.

Councilors discussed financing and held a vote of approval for the funds for the substation to come from the Electric Fund and authorized Village Administrator York to explore options of constructing an electric department service building.  Five ayes.

First reading RESOLUTION 2009-6-16 authorizing a land swap of approximately 500 square feet between the Village of New Bremen and Robert Kuck.  The land is located near theMunicipal Center.  Motion by Schwartz, seconded by Burnell.  Five ayes. 

Schwartz made a motion to suspend the rule.  Second by Meyer.  Five ayes.  RESOLUTION 2009-6-17 authorizing the Village Administrator to participate in the Ohio Public Works Commission State Capital Improvement and/or local Transportation Improvement Programs, execute contracts, advertise and award bids as required.  The grant is $58,000 with a 10% local match.  Motion by Burnell.  Second by Hoffman.  Five ayes.

Hoffman made a motion to adjourn at 8:10 p.m.  Second by Schwartz.  Five ayes.


Diane Gast, Fiscal Officer