Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Roll call showed the following members present on this date. Burnell, Schwartz, Wills, Hoffman, and Stienecker. Kuck was excused with a motion by Hoffman, seconded by Stienecker. Five ayes. Also present were Mayor Pape, Solicitor Smith, Chief of Police Harrod, Village Administrator York and Fiscal Officer Gast. 
Visitors were Robert Parker and Linda Emmons representing the New Bremen Emergency Squad, Allison Brady, Raney Church, Roger and Jacob Rutschlling, Angie Klosterman representing The Evening Leader and Margie Wuebker representing The Daily Standard.
Minutes from the January 24 meeting were approved with a motion by Schwartz. Second by Hoffman. Five ayes.
Mayor Pape made the following announcements in the Mayor’s Report:
- Reported good news about the health of employee Lawrence Wissman.
- Urged residents to vote on March 6, 2012.
- Reported fines, fees and forfeitures for the month of $562.00.
- Congratulated Jacob Rutschilling for his Eagle Scout achievement.
- Village Administrator York updated Council on projects within the Village.
- Announced Council will have a budget workshop on 2/18/12 at 8:00 a.m. at the Municipal Center.
Allison Brady, Executive Director of Heritage Trails Park District presented to Council a summary of the results of the Auglaize County Outdoor Survey taken between June and October of 2011. The conclusion was that parks improve the quality of life.
Second reading RESOLUTION 2012-1-4 authorizing a contract with the New Bremen Emergency Squad for ambulance and emergency medical services in the amount of $15,000 for a period beginning February 1, 2012 through January 31, 2013 pursuant to Section 307.69.1 O.R.C. The accountability issues have been resolved and the $15,000 will be kept in a separate account. Motion by Schwartz. Second by Wills. Five ayes.
Third reading RESOLUTION 2012-1-1 authorizing the payment to the Auglaize County Wide Emergency Management Cooperative in the amount of $2084.60 for the per capita assessment for 2012. Motion by Stienecker. Second by Hoffman. Five ayes.
Third reading RESOLUTION 2012-1-3 authorizing payment of the AMPGS stranded cost in the amount of $964,755 choosing Option E at the recommendation of Courtney and Associates currently doing a rate study for the Village.  Option E is to continue to carry sunk costs on AMP line of credit until final AMPGS litigation is settled.  The stranded cost is a result of the Village’s partnership with American Municipal Power in a scrapped plan to construct a coal-fired power plant in Meigs County. Solicitor Smith said the floating interest rate currently stands at 1.2%. The 81 AMP-member communities are seeking litigation over the billed costs and if successful, would receive a full or partial refund. Motion by Wills. Second by Stienecker. Five ayes.
Schwartz made a motion to suspend the rule. Second by Burnell. Five ayes. RESOLUTION 2012-2-5 authorizing the Village Administrator to seek bids for the Bremenfest Park Parking Lot Expansion Project. The engineering estimate is $131,755. Motion by Stienecker. Second by Burnell. Five ayes.
Burnell made a motion to suspend the rule. Second by Stienecker. Five ayes. RESOLUTION 2012-2-6 authorizing the Village Administrator to advertise for bids for the Herman Street Substation large equipment purchase. The engineers estimate for the upgrades is $900,000. Motion by Schwartz. Second by Hoffman. Five ayes.
Council discussed hiring NIC, a property maintenance firm at a cost of $11,400 per year. In addition to enforcing the New Bremen Village code, the firm would provide recommendations for the code and/or process improvement and appear in court in support of citations. The minimum contract if for one year, thereafter termination on 60 days notice by either party. This issue will be placed on the agenda for the next meeting.
Council discussed using a Wright State intern to assist the Economic Development Director updating the Face Book page for the Village of New Bremen. The issue will be placed on the agenda for the next meeting.
Solicitor Smith asked Council to approve the Village of New Bremen membership to the Ohio Municipal Attorneys Association in the amount of $600.00. Council approved. 
Wills made a motion to adjourn at 8:30 p.m. Second by Schwartz. Five ayes.

Diane Gast, Fiscal Officer