06561 Co. Rd. 66A
New Bremen, OH 45869
Luke Wilker and Ginny Dicke
(419) 629.2259
(419) 629.3381

NUPCO, INC. is a small but important manufacturer in Auglaize County. They produce a product associated with one of the major industries of the county, state and nation--farming. Nupco is the producer of plastic corrugated drainage tile. The company was founded in 1946 as "Niemeyer Farm Drainage" by Robert "Bud" Niemeyer. He then expanded operations to manufacture concrete drainage tile, and further expanded in 1971 to the manufacture of plastic tubing. In 1996, former employees, Luke Wilker and Ginny Dicke, purchased NUPCO, bringing their 28 years of combined experience to the management of the company. NUPCO runs three manufacturing lines, capable of producing tubing in 4",5",6", and 8" diameters. NUPCO can acquire larger sizes if it is needed.