Date Posted: 
Friday, August 12, 2016

Japanese beetles have been identified throughout the town causing damage on a variety of trees.  The Japanese beetles will feed on susceptible trees beginning in late June and will feed for approximately 4-6 weeks.  Their feeding usually begins at the top of the trees and they work their way down the tree.  Their feeding causes the leaves to look skeletonized and makes the trees appear to be burnt.  Many time, the trees will lose their foliage, however it typically does not kill trees that are in good health.  However, at this time, most of their feeding should be done and the adults will begin to die off. 


Many years, the Japanese beetles don’t reach high enough populations to merit treatment on the street trees.  This year, the Japanese beetle population was extremely high which means that we will have to be on the lookout for more Japanese beetle infestations next year.  The Village of New Bremen is aware of this damage and will continue to monitor the Japanese beetles.  If we begin to see damage in late June next year, we will be forced to treat the Japanese beetles with a systemic injection or an aerial spray application as we have already had a stressful season of Japanese beetle damage along with drought stress.  We encourage residents to learn more about the Japanese beetles and to be aware of the damage they cause on trees at their residences. 


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call the New Bremen Parks Department.  Thanks for your cooperation!