Date Posted: 
Monday, September 18, 2017


Recently the Village of New Bremen completed the installation of a disc golf course.  The course consists of 9 holes, with 6 located at Bremenfest Park and 3 located across Jefferson Street on greenspace owned by the village.

According to the Disc Golf Assocation's website, disc golf is similar to regular golf; however, instead of using golf clubs and balls aiming for a hole, Disc Golf players use golf discs (or frisbees) and aim for a Disc Pole Hole, a pole extending up from the ground with chains and a basket where the disc lands. The object of the game is to complete each hole in the fewest number of throws, starting from a tee area and finishing at the Disc Pole Hole.  Players start at hole one and complete the course in order, playing through to the last hole. The player with lowest total cumulative score wins.

The Disc Golf Association offers instructions on how to play Disc Golf.