Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Roll call showed the following members present on this date. Burnell, Wills, Schwartz, Hoffman, Kuck and Stienecker. Mayor Pape was excused with a motion by Schwartz, seconded by Stienecker.  All ayes.  Also present were Solicitor Smith, Village Administrator York  and Fiscal Officer Gast.  Councilor Kuck presided over the meeting.

Visitors were Larry Dicke, Scott Frey, Brianna Bertke, Dennis Dicke, Angie Weaver representing The Evening Leader and Margie Wuebker representing The Daily Standard.

Minutes from the August 24 meeting were approved with a motion by Wills, seconded by Hoffman.  All ayes.

President of Council Kuck made the following announcements in the Mayor’s Report: 

- Reported fines, fees and forfeitures for the month of $1558.00.

- Announced Pumpkinfest date is September 25.

- Announced fire hydrant testing will be from 7:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon on September 11 and 25 and October 2 and 9.

- Announced Trick or Treat will be October 28 from 6:00-7:30.

- Announced Cider Time will be October 31 starting at 1:00.

- Village Administrator York updated Council on various projects within the Village.

Scott Frey, Southwestern Auglaize County Chamber of Commerce, updated Council of the chamber’s accomplishments throughout the year.

Larry Dicke, speaking on behalf of the New Bremen Historic Association, offered to supply 10,000 brick pavers at the Lockkeepers House at an estimated cost of $6800 if the Village provides the concrete base and curb.  Burnell made a motion to suspend the rule.  Second by Wills.  All ayes.  RESOLUTION 2010-9-23 authorizing the base and curb for the paver bricks at the Lockkeepers House not to exceed $24,900.  Motion by Burnell.  Second by Kuck.  All ayes.

Third reading ORDINANCE 2010-7-15 entering into an AMP Efficiency Smart Power Plant Program at a cost of $66,500 per year.  The program will provide energy efficiency services such as incentives and rebates to AMP members in lieu of various fines incurred from the Richard H. Gorsuch Project power.  The third reading remained tabled with a motion by Schwartz, seconded by Wills.  Ayes.

Burnell made a motion to suspend the rule.  Second by Stienecker.  All ayes.  Second and third readings Ordinance 2010-8-22 prohibits parking of vehicles longer than twenty feet in the Lock One parking lot and restricts parking to 12 hours in all other Village-owned parking lots excluding Lock One  which is limited to three hour parking.  Motion by Hoffman.  Second by Stienecker.  All ayes.   

Schwartz made a motion to suspend the rule.  Second by Wills.  All ayes.  Second and third readings ORDINANCE 10-7-18 authorizing the Canal Street Parking Lot curb assessments to the Auglaize County Auditor in the amount of $2424. Motion by Stienecker.  Second by Burnell.  All ayes.

Third reading ORDINANCE 2010-8-20 providing an effective means for protecting the public water system from contaminants through the water service connections (cross connections) into the public water system.  Motion by Hoffman.  Second by Wills.  All ayes.

Stienecker made a motion to suspend the rule.  Second by Schwartz.  All ayes.  RESOLUTION 2010-9-24 authorizing Change Order #1 for the new electrical building in the Bunker Hill Industrial Park in the amount of $6982 for metal liner panels needed to protect the insulation.  Motion by Burnell, seconded by Hoffman.  All ayes.

Stienecker made a motion to enter into Executive Session at 7:38 p.m. to discuss pending litigation and the purchase of real estate.  Second by Schwartz.  All ayes.

Council came out of Executive Session at 7:55 p.m.  No action was taken.  Adjournment followed with a motion by Schwartz, seconded by Hoffman.  All ayes.


Diane Gast, Fiscal Officer