Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Roll call showed the following members present on this date at 6:30 p.m.  Burnell, Wills, Schwartz, Hoffman, Kuck and Stienecker. Also present were Mayor Pape, Solicitor Smith, Village Administrator York, Chief of Police Harrod and Fiscal Officer Gast. 
Visitors were Mary Ann Olding with Cuban guests, Lauren Bertke, Howard Overman, Mike Skinner, Jason This, Margie Wuebker representing The Daily Standard and Meredith Enkoff representing The Evening Leader.
Minutes from the April 9 and April 15 meetings were approved with a motion by Hoffman.  Second by Wills.  All ayes.
Wills made a motion to approve a total expenditure for the month of $773,907.47.  Second by Burnell.  All ayes.
Mayor Pape made the following announcements in the Mayor’s Report:
- Clean Up Day at the Parks will be April 27 from 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
- Spring Clean Up will be on May 4 from 8:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
- Arbor Day will be April 26 at 2:00 p.m.
- Village Administrator York updated Council on various projects within the Village.
Mary Ann Olding was present with Cuban guests promoting the Cuban Art Project.  Jorge Nunez, 58 years old, is a Ph. D. who speaks English and is an expert on Cuban culture.  Eliades, age 71, is an artist.
Village Administrator York announced the refuse bids to Council.  RESOLUTION 2013-4-15 accepting all bids and awarding the bid to Maharg, Inc. with the lowest and best bid.  The contract will be for three years ending on Aug. 31, 2016 and the contract will remain the same.  Motion by Kuck.  Second by Schwartz.  All ayes.
Schwartz made a motion to suspend the rule.  Second by Stienecker.  All ayes.  ORDINANCE 2013-4-11 accepting the retirement of Chief of Police Douglas Harrod effective at 11:59 p.m. on April 30, 2013.  Motion by Hoffman.  Second by Kuck.  All ayes.
Schwartz made a motion to suspend the rule.  Second by Burnell.  All ayes.  ORDINANCE 2013-4-10 appointing Michael Skinner Chief of Police effective 12:01 a.m. on May 1, 2013.  The classification is C-22 at the rate of $28.84 per hour.  Motion by Stienecker.  Second by Wills.  All ayes.
Howard Overman, Superintendent of NBHS, asked Council for assistance with clean-up of the Middle School ball diamond and the north end of the football field.  Council will meet at the location on Tuesday, April 30 at 3: p.m. to review the site.
Wills made a motion to suspend the rule.  Second by Kuck.  All ayes.  ORDINANCE 2013-4-12 appointing Brandon Johnson to full time Patrolman II effective May 1, 2013.  The classification is B-32 at the rate of $17.07 per hour.  Motion by Wills.  Second by Hoffman.  All ayes.
Council gave approval to the Southwestern Auglaize Chamber of Commerce to lease part of the 3rd floor of the Lockkeepers House to the New Bremen Foundation effective May 1, 2013.  Lauren Bertke was present to answer questions from Council.  Motion by Wills.  Second by Schwartz.  All ayes.
Council discussed vacating the alley north of the Eastmoor Court cul-de-sac and the Bremenfest Park.  The vacation of alley will include a utility easement for Village access.  Jason This, representing the residents on either side of the alley, asked Councilors to put it on the agenda for the next meeting pending more legal research and a survey.
Stienecker made a motion to untable Ordinance 2013-2-5.  Second by Burnell.  All ayes.  The third reading ORDINANCE 2013-2-5 creating a new R-C Transitional Zone for certain neighborhood business uses on a case-by-case basis in residential areas that have frontage along state routes.  The proposed zone would only be for properties that have a Washington Street address.  The Planning Commission has recommended in favor of this proposed zoning at the Feb 4, 2013 public hearing and will also decide if initially the property qualifies.  Motion by Kuck.  Second by Schwartz.  All ayes.
Second reading RESOLUTION 2013-4-13 entering into a contract with the New Bremen Emergency Squad, Inc. for the rendition of emergency medical technician-paramedic services.  The contract is for one year and the amount is $75,000 payable in three installments of $25,000 on June 15, September 1 and December 1.  Motion by Stienecker.  Second by Hoffman.  All ayes.
Second reading RESOLUTION 2013-4-14 authorizing Village consent for ODOT to perform patching and deck edge repair on various bridges within the district including New Bremen.  Motion by Hoffman.  Second by Wills.  All ayes.
Kuck made a motion to suspend the rule.  Second by Stienecker.  All ayes.  RESOLUTION 2013-16 approving Change Order #1 to Courtney & Associates in the amount of $1000 for fees associated with the electric rate study.  Motion by Stienecker.  Second by Hoffman.  All ayes.
Kuck made a motion to suspend the rule.  Second by Wills.  All ayes.  RESOLUTION 2013-4-17 opposing proposed changes to tax-exempt financing that has been in effect since the establishment of federal income tax.  Municipalities could see 1% -
3% increase in interest on loans for public construction projects.  Motion by Wills.  Second by Kuck.  All ayes.
Schwartz made a motion to adjourn at 8:15 p.m.  Second by Hoffman.  All ayes.
Diane Gast, Fiscal Officer