Bunker Hill Industrial Park, in New Bremen, is ready to meet the needs of your business growth.  You will find a community who is committed and ready for your economic development project.

In New Bremen, you will find we have the assets your business is seeking!  Bunker Hill Industrial Park offers shovel ready sites, unparalleled access to US and Canadian markets, tax advantages and local incentives that will add to your bottom line.  Our region is comprised of trained, dependable and productive workers, a solid base of existing manufacturing, commercial and service businesses, and a quality of life.  Providing the small town quality of life that most folks think does not exist anymore. These are just a few of the reasons to choose New Bremen. 

To learn more, contact Angela Hamberg, Economic Development Director. angela.hamberg@newbremen.com 419-629-2447


New Bremen's Bunker Hill Industrial Park is located on SR 274, just 12 miles from I-75. The park is shovel ready, with fully developed sites ranging from 2 to 20 acres ready for your project. If your company needs rail access, the R.J.Corman Railroad has a line which runs just east of the park, which makes rail access feasible.


Access to Markets

New Bremen is located within a day's drive of two-thirds of the US population and half of Canada's. Click here to see a map of Ohio's Strategic Access to markets.

Tax Advantages and Tax Incentives

In 2005 the State of Ohio reformed its tax code, making Ohio the place for businesses. Ohio now has the lowest tax rates for businesses in the Midwest. In New Bremen you can take advantage of these benefits as well as other state and local incentive programs which will lead to bigger profits for your company. Learn more about tax advantages and tax incentives.


In a recent survey of local companies, employers consistently rated our workers as "excellent" in the areas of productivity, retention and work ethic.


Local Businesses

New Bremen is home to businesses that compete successfully locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. Our local economic base is a solid mix of manufacturing, commercial and service enterprises. Take a look at our local businesses and see who your neighbors will be.


In New Bremen, you can build your business and love your life. Nowhere is that more possible than in New Bremen. In New Bremen you will find quality housing, a school system which constantly achieves "Excellent" ratings by the state, excellent public parks and other recreational facilities and a sense of community that very few places can boast of. Learn more about our quality of life