Today, Crown Equipment Corporation opened their doors to students for Manufacturing Day.  The students of New Bremen, New Knoxville and Minster learned that for each manufacturing job, nearly another 3 jobs are created in other sectors.  The students were provided a video overview of Crown’s manufacturing, but also informed of the many career opportunities available at Crown.  Jase Barhorst, Crown HR Representative informed the students that there are over 1000 job titles at Crown, including opportunities in marketing, photography, engineering, skilled trades, purchasing and medical.  When asked his favorite part of his job, Barhorst responded “helping people develop their skills”.  He enjoys assisting employees with improving their skills and pursuing other options within the company. 

The students continued their visit by touring one of the Crown plants.  The students learned about the ability of robotics and how they are used in the manufacturing of a lift truck.  A demonstration of the use of CAM software and use of CNC Machining produced a spirit block for each of the schools.  The students also learned the importance of ergonomic design of the lift truck.  William Davis, Crown Industrial Design, explained how design plays a crucial part in the development of the lift truck for human safety. 

According to National Association of Manufacturers, manufacturing supports 16% (17.6 million) jobs in the United States.  Nearly 26% of the jobs in Auglaize County are in the manufacturing industry.  Nationally, ‘Manufacturing Day’ began in 2010, for the purpose to bring awareness to students.  The day serves as a ‘celebration of modern manufacturing’, it is held on the first Friday in October.