August marks the 10-year anniversary of The Pie Shell.  The milestone was celebrated by Susan Krieg and her staff making nearly 300 of the initial pie creations, peach pie and cherry pie.  The Pie Shell originals were available for $10 each for an entire week.  Consider yourself fortunate if you were able to pick up one of the honorary pies at this price.  They seemed to fly off the shelves!

When asked how her business started, Krieg stated, “After winning 2nd place at a pie contest in July 2004, my husband told (a local restaurant) that I made the 2nd best pie in town”.  What started out as humor, turned into opportunity as Susan began supplying the restaurant with pies.  By August 2005, she realized she had a full-fledged business. 

While Susan single-handedly baked many pies, cakes and numerous other baked goods for many special events for people within a three-county area, she also managed to be a contributing member to the Largest Pumpkin Pie that was recognized in the Guiness Book of World Records on September 25th, 2010.  The pumpkin pie weighed 3,699 lbs and was 20 ft. in diameter.  When asked how you even begin to bake a pie of that size, Krieg calmly responded that she focused on how many pie shells she can fit into her oven at one time.  From that point, determined how many batches of pies would be necessary.

For eight years, The Pie Shell was a home-based business.  In the summer of 2013, Wally Wagner of Wagner’s IGA, offered a business proposal to Krieg.  By opening day of Wagner’s IGA New Bremen, in November 2013, The Pie Shell had moved into the grocery store.  By February of 2014, The Pie Shell could be found in all 3 Wagner’s IGA locations.

Last month (July), The Pie Shell was recognized by Secretary of State, Jon Husted, as part of his Ohio Business Profile Program.  The Pie Shell was chosen as part of the Patriotic Pride for the month of July. 

Congratulations to Susan and The Pie Shell team for reaching this milestone! 

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