On Monday, June 15th, U.S. Representative Jim Jordan visited four local New Bremen companies.  The morning started with a visit of Crown Equipment Corporation.  Jordan heard first hand of the challenges presented to many companies who seek skilled trade candidates, a common issue for many companies who are looking to the future generation for business growth and preparing for retirement of the baby boomer generation.

The next stop was at VisionMark Nameplate Company, a new addition to Bunker Hill Industrial Park.  VisionMark President, Jerry Merges provided a brief overview of the company background as well as a tour of the 20,000 square foot facility.  A recognition award was presented to Representative Jordan, from the constituents at VisionMark Nameplate Company.

The third stop was at PT Services new facility located on Schwieterman Street.  Jordan was greeted by Scott Uhlenhake, PT Rehab Director, Mark Somodi, CEO, Kevin Knaup, Controller of PT Services.  The representatives of PT Services shared that the new facility will not only continue to provide the physical therapy services that they have been known for in the past 43 years (across Ohio), but this facility is a new endeavor with the addition of a sports enhancement program.  Discussion took place regarding the challenges of rehabilitation health reimbursement not increasing in the past 15 years, while the demands of education, for a Physical Therapist, is now 7 years (Bachelor’s degree, plus Doctor of Physical Therapy degree).

The final business stop took place at Homan Interiors.  John & Jean Homan discussed the challenges presented to small business owners, in relation to health care costs. 

The visit to the area was wrapped up at Wooden Shoe, Minster, where Jordan held a Town Hall style meeting with local business leaders.  Jordan spoke of the continued challenges that Congress faces with the Trade bill, efforts of repealing Obamacare, education (in reference to Common Core) and foreign policy.  Jordan acknowledged the wide selection of quality Republican candidates that have announced their run for the presidency.